Venue and accommodation

The Joint IAPC-6 & PCF-J takes place in Osaka Ibaraki campus (OIC) of Ritsumeikan UniversityIbaraki (茨木市 Ibaraki-shi) is a city located in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. It is a suburban city of Osaka City and a part of the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe metropolitan area. Literally Ibaraki in English means Wild Trees or Thorny trees. 

OIC is located 10 min from Osaka and 20 min from Kyoto by train.



The Organizer has secured a limited number of rooms in the University Guest House. The rooms will be distributed on the first come - first serve basis. Please enquire about the room availability.

There are several business hotels (budget hotels) neair OIC campus such as Central Hotel or Crest Ibaraki.

There are also many good hotels in Osaka. The IOC campus is 10 min from Osaka by train. The price is not as expensive as that in Kyoto and Tokyo. Please use internet services such as to book the appropriate hotel.

Please consult the access map how to reach OIC campus from Osaka or Kyoto.


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