The scope of the conference includes but is not limited to the following topics:

1.    Physico-chemical methods and instrumentation in the physico-chemical profiling of drug substances:
- ionization, solubility, lipophilicity, permeability
- PAMPA assays and different PAMPA models
- methods for the determination of physico-chemical properties of drugs: potentiometry, spectroscopy, chromatography etc.
- lead optimization
- high throughput screening
2.    Polymorphism, synthesis and characterization of different solid forms, hydrates and solvates:
- Thermal methods (TG, DSC, microcalorimetry and combined techniques)
- solid state NMR
- X- ray diffraction (XRD)
- spectral techniques (FTIR, Raman, NIR)
- DVS (dynamic vapour sorption)
- counterfeit detection
3. ADME and DMPK
- The imporatance of ADME tests for preclinical development
- In vitro ADME testing (metabolism, permeabity, transporters, protein binding, reaction phenotyping, enzyme inhibition, etc.)
- Transporters and permeability
- Metabolite identification and profiling
- Challenges in the research in neurodegenerative deseases and mechanisms
- ADME/PK modelling
- ADME and toxicology. Genotoxicity
- Optimization of ADME properties in drug design and screening
- Bioavailibility and DMPK
- Instrumental methods in ADME/DMPK
- ADME and metabonomics
- Hight throughput ADME methods
4.    Biomolecular interactions and analytical techniques of importance in medicinal chemisry and pharma research:
- molecular interactions and receptor bindings
- drug-drug interaction studies
- protein binding assays
- molecular imaging
- chiral separations
- process analytical technologies
- metabolic profiling
- analysis of biomolecules, proteins, carbohydrates
- protein and nucleic acids sequencing and dynamics
- genomics, proteomics and metabolomics
5.    Computational methods and modelling:
- in silico screening and molecular modelling
- bioinformatics and cheminformatics


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