About Zhuhai

 Local information

Zhuhai (Chinese:珠海;pinyin:zhuhai), an important city in the southern tip of the Pearl River Delta, located in the Guangdong Province, is one of China’s Five Special Economic Zones. With a population of 1,582,600 and an area of 1701 square kilometers, Zhuhai is linked to Macau by highways and to Hong Kong by water which means you can go to Macau by car and to Hong Kong on a ship. Because of Zhuhai’s location and a comprehensive traffic network, you can also get access to Shenzhen and Guangzhou in 90 minutes.

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Zhuhai is in a tropical-marine climate area with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius in August. There are several nice beaches in Zhuhai so participants are advised to bring their bathing costumes. With a coastline of 604 kilometers and 146 large and small islands, Zhuhai is known as “City of Hundred Islands”.

In 1999, the city of Zhuhai was awarded as the “International Award for Best Practices in Improving the Living Environment” by the United Nations Center for Human Settlements and praised as one of the Top 10 Best Cities to visit in China by the Western media.

 Passports and visas

All visitors must hold a passport or a valid travel document for travel to Zhuhai. hublot replica watches

For visitors traveling from the Hong Kong International Airport, there is no need to clear the Hong Kong immigration, since the ferry ticket desk and the SkyPier at Hong Kong International Airport are all within the restricted area. The checked in baggage will be taken care of by the ferry company. For visitors wishing to stop by Hong Kong before traveling to Zhuhai, please note the visa requirement for entering Hong Kong.

Most of the visitors holding foreign passports require an entrance visa to visit China. Brunei, Japan, and Singapore passport holders enjoy visa-free access to China for up to 15 days.

Please contact the Conference Organizer to obtain an invitation letter for supporting your visa application. Standard 30-day, single-entry visas may be issued in five working days from most Chinese embassies, and must be used within three months of the date of issue. For further details, please consult with your travel agent, China International Travel Service, China Travel Service, or any Chinese embassy or consulate.

 Useful facts

The legal tender is Renminbi (CNY), which is equivalent to European EUR at EUR1 ≈ CYN7.11. Foreign currency or traveller's cheque can be exchanged at hotels, banks and authorized foreign exchange dealers.

Electricity in Zhuhai is at 220V, 50Hz. The power plugs used are of the three-pin, square-shaped or tag heuer replica watches round-shaped type. It is suggested to check before using an electrical appliance.

Internet service is available at major hotels.

Chinese (Mandarin) is the official languages,

Time in Zhuhai is eight hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time.

To know more about Zhuhai and its attractions, please visit the Zhuhai information center website.

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