Emerging Technologies in Drug Discovery and Development

Shanghai, September 17-19, 2024.

Event Info

Scientific program
Social events

The workings of the IAPC-9 meeting will proceed through the series of the plenary, keynote and oral talks as well as poster presentation.

The program will address all important issues pharma research is facing today in diverse areas of drug discovery and development. More specifically, following sessions will be organized:

  1. Drug design / Drug screening (AI, DNA-encoded library, PROTAC, computational aided drug design and other new technologies/platforms)
  2. Physico-chemical properties / Formulation
  3. Solid state, polymporphism, cocrystals
  4. ADMET / bioanalysis
  5. Pharmacology
  6. Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics
  7. Toxicology / Preclinical safety and druggability assessments
  8. Translational medicine and imaging technologies
  9. Computational methods, biophysical and analytical techniques of importance in medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical research
  10. Case studies incl. academia-pharma-CRO collaborations.

The interplay between solubility, solid states and pharmaceutical salts will be organized as a special session or evening round table.

One or more courses designed for students and pharmaceutical researchers who wish to broaden their knowledge and advance in the career. The professionals, managers and investors who wish to gain deeper understanding of the complex process of drug development will also find these courses very beneficial.

Beside the inspirational and innovative conference program, rich social gatherings will be organized includind excursion and visit to Hengrui location.