1st European Summer School on Formulation Development (ESSFD-1)
Dubrovnik, September 20-22, 2013

1st European Summer School on Formulation Development (ESSFD-1) is a three-days intensive course addressing both traditional and modern approaches to drug formulation development and corresponding methodologies. ESSFD-1 will provide approximately 20 hours of lectures by world-leading experts from both industrial and academic settings.

The aim of ESSFD-1 is to provide relaxed but stimulating environment for students and other participants to attend the lectures, to establish a long-term relationship among participants and to encourage the vigorous and fruitful interactions and discussions.

Program will include virtually all topics of relevance to the pre-formulation, formulation and drug delivery phases of drug development.

- Rational vs. empirical approach to the formulation development
- Product development challenges and strategies
- Choosing the optimal dosage form and routes of administration
- The importance of choosing the optimal solid form of drug. Polymorphs and solvates
- Chemical stability of drug in solid state and in solution
- Physico-chemical and biopharmaceutical profiling. Biopharmaceutical classification system, ionization, lipophilicity, solubility
- Drug absorption and permeability
- Strategies for the development of formulations of poorly soluble drugs
- Excipients and their compatibility
- Formulation development of peptides and proteins
- Analytical methodologies in the formulation development

Lecturers are all world-leading scientists in the field.