IAPC-10 Meeting: Joint World Conferences on Physico Chemical Methods in Drug Discovery and Development and on ADMET and DMPK, Belgrade, Serbia, September 04-06, 2023.


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After a four-year break due to the pandemic lockdown, the 10th IAPC Meeting (IAPC-10) will take place in Belgrade, Serbia. The main program is expected to follow the scope of the two traditional conferences: World Conference on Physico Chemical Methods in Drug Discovery and Development and World Conference on ADMET and DMPK, which took place previously in Rovinj 2009 (Croatia), Zadar 2011 (Croatia), Dubrovnik 2013 (Croatia), Red Island 2015 (Croatia), Zhuhai 2016 (China), Zagreb 2017 (Croatia), Osaka 2018 (Japan) and Split 2019 (Croatia). IAPC-9 meeting was planned for 2020 in Shanghai, China, but due to the covid, it was postponed to 2024.

The aim of this conference is to provide an opportunity for the world scientific community closely related to pharmaceutical research, to come together and in a warm and stimulating atmosphere, present their original work and share experiences and problems. More specifically, the aim of the Conference is to address the most advanced directions and new achievements in physical chemistry methods, which underlie almost all instrumental techniques used in the research processes in drug discovery and pharmaceutical development.

This year the Conference is accompanied by:
In addition, two special sessions will be organized as a part of the program:
- in a continuation of a series of Special Solubility Sessions (State-of-the-Art Solubility Methods in Drug Development), which took place on Red Island in 2015 and in Split 2019, this year Alex Avdeef and Kiyohiko Sugano organize the Belgrade's Solubility Special session 2.0. 



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