Special Session on Solubility of Pharmaceuticals

“Solubility of Multi-Component Solids (Salts and Cocrystals)”

Session co-chairs: Kiyohiko Sugano (Ritsumeikan University, Japan) and Alex Avdeef (in-ADME Research, USA)


Since 2009, the International Association of Physical Chemists (IAPC) conferences have included special sessions covering solubility measurement and interpretation. 

  • IAPC-4 (Red Island, Croatia, 21-24 September 2015): “Thermodynamic Solubility Measurement of Practically Insoluble Ionizable Drugs – Case Studies & Suggested Method Improvements” session resulted in a publication drawing on expert consensus opinions from researchers in six countries (Hungary, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, United States) [https://doi.org/10.5599/admet.4.2.292]. The commentary reached 2509 reads and 74 citations in ResearchGate (92 in Google Scholar) by 8 Feb 2023.
  • IAPC-6 (Zagreb, Croatia, 4-7 September 2017): “Pharmaceutical Cocrystals - Physicochemical Properties and Formulations” special session included cutting-edge presentations from internationally-recognized experts in cocrystal solubility-pH measurement. Several publications on the topic emerged out of the meeting.
  • IAPC-8 (Split, Croatia, 9-11 September 2019): “State-of-the-Art Solubility Methods in Drug Development” session continued the symposia on the topic of solubility of pharmaceuticals. One of the associated session papers [http://dx.doi.org/10.5599/admet.686] reached 2845 reads and 38 citations in ResearchGate by 8 Feb 2023.

This year, Kiyohiko Sugano (Ritsumeikan University) and Alex Avdeef (in-ADME Research) strive to carry on the symposia on the topic of solubility of pharmaceuticals with the title "Solubility of Multi-Component Solids (Salts and Cocrystals)". More information can be found in the brochure.

The exact schedule can be found on the Program page.

The list of speakers and tentative topics can be found below (the list will be continuously updated).


- Alex Avdeef in-ADME Research, USA
- Kiyohiko Sugano Ritsumeikan University, Japan
- Abu Serajuddin, St. John's University, USA
- Sami Svanbäck, The solubility company Ltd. Finland
- Tonglei Li, Purdue University, USA