ISSDD-5 Program

Hotel Park, Split, Croatia, September 07-08, 2019

Preliminary program of the ISSDD-5 course:


Alex Avdeef: Solubility of pharmaceuticals in drug development, state-of-the-art of solubility measurement and strategies for administration of poorly soluble drugs

Biserka Cetina Čižmek, Excipients and compatibility testing in drug development

Aleksandar Danilovski, Creative vs reactive drug discovery and development

Rolf Hilfiker, The importance of choosing the optimal solid form of drug. Salts, co-crystals, polymorphs and solvates.

Godefridus Peters, Drug development in cancer

Christos Reppas, Choosing the optimal solid dosage forms

Abu Serajuddin, Biopharmaceutical roadmap: optimization of clinical drug product performance

Kin Tam, Introduction to produrgs

Klara Valko, Lead optimization by biomimetic chromatography

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