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New Therapeutic Modalities in Drug Discovery and Development: Insights & Opportunities

This special issue of ADMET and DMPK is guest-edited by Manfred Kansy, independent consultant, Germany - former F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. employee, and Prof. Giulia Caron, University of Turin, Italy. It will address especially findings, strategies, tools applied in the discovery and development of new therapeutic modalities. The topics of the special issue include but are not limited to:

- Statistical evaluation of new market introduction regarding ADMET, physicochemical properties, market potential etc.
- Novel strategies for improving ADMET characteristics of drugs
- New characterization methods applied in the “New Therapeutic Modality” research with a potential link to physicochemical interpretations
- Computational methods developed or adapted to deal with new therapeutic modalities and bRo5 drug candidates
- Case studies, learnings in the discovery and development of new therapeutic modalities and comparison to the so-called small molecule drug space.

The special issue is planned for September 2021. The deadline for manuscript submission is June 30, 2021. During article submission please select “New Therapeutic Modalities” as a section.