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Chapter 1. Physicochemical Profiling in Drug Research and Development
Krisztina Takács-Novák

Chapter 2. Application of High Performance Liquid Chromatography for the Measurements of Lipophilicity and Biomimetic Binding Properties in Drug Discovery
Klara Valko

Chapter 3. The Importance of and Different Approaches to Permeability Determination
Kin Tam, Matěj Velický, Robert Dryfe

Chapter 4. Protein-Ligand Interactions
Geoff Holdgate

Chapter 5. NMR Spectroscopy for Studying Interactions of Bioactive Molecules
Predrag Novak, Tomislav Jednačak

Chapter 6. Chiral Separation for Enantiomeric Determination in the Pharmaceutical Industry
by Nelu Grinberg, Su Pan

Chapter 7. The Importance of Choosing the Optimal Solid Form of a Drug
Rolf Hilfiker

Chapter 8. Thermal Analysis and Calorimetric Methods Applied to Pharmaceutical Solid Forms
Danièle Giron

Chapter 9. Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Drug Discovery and Development Processes
Yves Roggo, Klara Dégardin, Michel Ulmschneider