IAPC-4 Meeting

Joint 4th World Conference on Physico-Chemical Methods in Drug Discovery and Development &
1st World Conference on ADMET and DMPK
September 21-24, 2015 Red island, Crotia


Following the first three successful PCMDDD conferences (Rovinj 2009, Zadar 2011 and Dubrovnik 2013), the 4th World Conference on Physico-Chemical Methods in Drug Discovery and Development (PCMDDD-4) reaches two important turning points. First, from this year PCMDDD series of conferences switches from biennial to annual event schedule with alternating European and rest of the world locations. Second, this year the Conference is organized as a joint event with 1st World Conference on ADMET and DMPK. The intention is to get together scientists working in different but closely related areas of pharmaceutical research, from analytical and medicinal chemistry to pharmacology and pre-clinical development, and in a relaxed atmosphere discuss and rationalize their results and challenges. 

Well balanced scientific program is planned. The speakers include highly prominent and respected scientists and professionals who made and are still making significant progress in the field. They have been selected due to their past credentials and distinctive vision of the future.

The topics cover the broad range of methods used in successful drug candidate identification and development. Determination of ADME/Tox properties through the in vitro and in vivo assays will be discussed. The particular attention will be paid to the evaluation and improvement of critical drug parameters which determine the fate of the drug, from its administration over its remedial action to its excretion.

"Panel of Experts" solubility session (Moderator: Alex Avdeef):
Thermodynamic Solubility Measurement of Practically Insoluble Ionized Drugs - Case Studies and Suggested Method Improvement
Tuesday, September 22, evening hours


Thursday, September 24: Joint PCMDDD-4 & PharmaNMR session: 



The Conference is accompanied by a satellite summer school:

The Symposium venue was Hotel Istra, Red island, Croatia.