IAPC-8 Program

Hotel Park, Split, Croatia, September 09-11, 2019

The speakers at IAPC conferences are eminent and worldwide known scientists who made and are still making a considerable impact in the field.

The prgoram of the conference will be organized throgh the following sessions:

Drug development
PhysChem properties and permeability
Solid-state and polymorphism
Drug discovery
Pharma analytical tehnology
Supersaturating DDS

Special solubility evening session: State-of-the-Art Solubility Methods in Drug Development will be organzied by Alex Avdeef and Christel Bergström. The session is a continuation of the previous special sessions on solubility which took place on Red island (2015) and special cocrystal session in Zagreb (2017). Red Island session resulted in the highly attracted and downloaded solubility white paper. The Perspectives of the solubility measurements and interpretation as an introduction to the solubility session can be downloaded as a review paper published in ADMET and DMPK.

Until now the following speakers and their topics have been confirmed for the solubility session:

  • Christel Bergström (Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden). ”Molecular properties of importance for drug solubility in intestinal fluids”
  • Patrick Augustijns (Univ. of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium) “Solubility in the inside: gastro-intestinal concentrations as driving force for absorption”
  • Deanna Mudie (Lonza Pharma and Biotech, USA), " ...TBA..."
  • David Palmer (Univ. of Strathclyde, UK) “…TBA…”
  • German L. Perlovich (Inst. Solution Chem. of Russian Acad. Sci., Ivanovo, Russia) “Poorly soluble drugs: disbalance of thermodynamic characteristics of crystal lattice and solvation
  • Abu Serajuddin (St. John’s Univ., New York, USA). “Supersolubilization and development of amorphous solid dispersions of drugs by acid-base interaction”
  • Kiyohiko Sugano (Ritsumeikan  Univ., Japan). "Nonsink or nonthink? Dissolution tests for supersaturable drug substances”
  • Alex Avdeef (in-ADME Research, USA). “Intrinsic Solubility:  Random Forest Method Predictions based on a New Deeply-Mined and Curated Database (>6350 entries)”.

The list will be updated soon...