Who we are

Global voluntary framework

iapc 300dpiInternational Association of Physical Chemists (IAPC) is a unique global voluntary framework bringing together scientists involved in fundamental and applied physical chemistry and its applications in different fields. The common goal of IAPC is to provide an opportunity for the world scientific community closely related to physical chemistry to establish efficient cooperation without geographical and political limitations. 

IAPC was established in 2007 as a response to an ever-increasing need for more efficient scientific interactions on various levels. It aims to connect scientists working in academic institutions and industry to bring together their efforts, experience, and knowledge to meet their challenges and solve problems.

IAPC is a fully international, educational and scientific organization that fosters excellence in all disciplines of physical chemistry.

The missions of IAPC include:

  • establishing good contacts and strengthening the cooperation between researchers from academia and industry,
  • encouraging a good interaction between scientists of different profiles,
  • assisting students and young researchers in their professional development and personal growth,
  • fostering economic growth.

IAPC promotes and stirs the activities through several sets of actions:

  • organization of the Conferences and Workshops as a meeting point for the members and for those who would like to participate and contribute to the work of the Society,
  • support research and scholarship in various fields of scientific interest and provide programs and publications for the benefit of students, scholars and others,
  • distribution of educational materials, books and leaflets,
  • distribution of the various information including job positions available and assistance to the young scientist through our established worldwide networking.

From its establishment in 2007 IAPC continuously grows. It has now over 500 active members contributing to the workings and the development of the Society. Its World conferences on Physico-Chemical Methods in Drug Discovery and Development elicited a great interest throughout the world. It established the firm position among the scientists working in the broad fields related to the application of physico-chemical methods in drug discovery and development who find this venue together with corresponding journals published by IAPC society, a venue for presenting their work.